NEW WORK From the current show To Do @Ta Da Space Presenting 9xA3 digital drawings + A1 poster, each freely interpreting an entry on The Top-10 list of best TO-DO apps 2020. An escapist’s list of what to do (or rather what is not being done), both shamefully and playfully subverting the idea of duties. Do ny 7@0,1x.jpg

1. Wunderlist Do ny2@0,1x.jpg

2. Todoist Do ny4@0,1x.jpg

3. Trello Do ny9@0,1x.jpg

4. Toodledo Do ny6@0,1x.jpg

5. Do ny11@0,1x.jpg

6. Things Do ny5 TB@0,1x.jpg

7. TickTick Da ny8@0,1x.jpg

8. Google Keep Do ny3@0,1x.jpg

9. OmniFocus Do Install viewAA@0,1x.jpg Do Install viewX@0,1x.jpg Do Install viewA@0,1x_v2.jpg Do Install viewE@0,1x.jpg Do Install viewB@0,1x.jpg poster web.jpg

10. Habitica